20 February 2011

Clean Closet.

I've been working in our larger closet this week. On Monday, I patched some of the rough spots on the north and west walls (Why? Because the dressers are really hard to move out of there.). 

Then Tuesday, I started painting by trimming around the woodwork. I had a gallon of gray before the gray (yes, that's a Jersey Shore reference) that I used it in the living room before I repainted it a new better gray that was less blue.

Wednesday, I rolled 2 walls and half the ceiling.

Friday, Josh helped me move the taller dresser out of the room and the larger one over to the side of the room I had already painted.

Yesterday I started patching the south and east walls. This was more intense.

There were some cracks in the plaster, so I cut them wider and filled them back in with drywall spackle. There was also a water damaged spot above the window. Apparently we didn't have flashing around the base of our chimney. We have some now, thanks to the mason that rebuilt our chimney last fall. Saturday night, I applied another coat, so it could dry overnight.

Then, this morning, I was determined to finish this and get our closet back to normal. I sanded the spackle down smooth, washed the walls and painted. Here you can really see the difference. Pretty good for my first time I think!

And the final shot, with everything back in place. I'm glad I was able to use that paint, and now I'm getting closer to checking one more item off the project list.

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