16 February 2009

Oceanside Golf

Because I had today off for President's day, I went golfing. I got a couple of guys together from work and made a tee time at the Links at Bodega Harbour, an ocean side course in Bodega Bay. I was really excited to play, but the weather forecast looked terrible. There was a 60-90% chance of rain the whole day.  We decided to make the two and a half hour drive anyway and take our chances. When we arrived it was raining, and it continued raining through the first three holes. On the forth tee it stopped raining and started to clear up.  It turned out to be a great day!

This is only one the the great views we where treated to today.  There where ocean views on every hole. It was a bit distracting! 

My tee shot on the par three eighth hole. I found the green 20ft left of the pin.  

View from the top of the fairway on the 18th hole.  

14 February 2009

Tour of California

Today we went downtown to check out the Tour of California. It's a professional cycle race throughout the state. Today they had the prologue in Sacramento which is time trials, so you get to see each of the riders separately on a set 2.4 mile course. All the top cyclists were here including Lance Armstrong (his first race since coming out of retirement), Levi Leipheimer, Fabian Cancellara, and Floyd Landis.

Before it started we walked around and found the Bissel team warming up.

This is Fabian Cancellara. He is the current gold medalist and won the prologue in 4:32.

I was so excited to see Lance Armstrong! He's riding so fast he's a little blurry! You can see all the people in the background trying to get pictures.

01 February 2009

Super Sunday!

What a wonderful day at the flea market. We're in LOVE! We found this 1930's buffet in robin's egg blue.

After first looking at it and measuring it, we left it thinking we couldn't get it home. Then we had to go back because we couldn't even 
concentrate. We just kept thinking about it. So after going back and remeasuring it and talking to the vendor, we learned he and his wife were from a northern suburb of Sac. They said they could drop it off on the way home. Yay!