25 May 2010

Fun in the Sun

Lucy's really been having a fantastic time in the yard. It's her new favorite thing and I can't wait to move into the house so she doesn't have to wear a leash.

Tonight, since it's been so hot, we let Lucy go in the lake for a little swim. She hasn't been swimming since she was a puppy, so she was a little nervous, but she did it!

21 May 2010

Art Buddies

Yesterday was our last day for this session of Art Buddies. Art Buddies is an after school program for 4th and 5th graders at Whittier International School in south Minneapolis. Each student is paired with a creative adult art buddy over the course of 6 weeks. Each session has a theme and this time it was to create an animal costume that represents your childs good qualities.

I've been volunteering since college and this was the 4th time I've done it. Aminata was my buddy this time and together we made a wolf costume. This is a picture of her working it in front of the professional photographer. I always have such a fun time and this was no exception. I can't wait for the next session to start in the fall.

10 May 2010

Not Closing This Friday

Unfortunately, we will miss our second scheduled closing date. We're very optimistic about hearing good news soon though. This Saturday the seller has scheduled a painter to repair the peeling paint on the exterior, so after the 2nd lien holder approves, we should be well on our way to closing. Still waiting...