30 August 2009

Weekend Activities

I had been hearing about the California State Garage Sale (the actual state government) so Friday I decided to check it out. They were selling mostly old wooden furniture from the 70s, repo cars and older computers. While I was snooping through some of the drawers of cabinets I found this little card catalog. There wasn't a sticker so I got it for only $3!

Then, Saturday we spend nearly all day at the United Way Golf Tournament that General Mills was sponsoring. Josh played and I volunteered.

Today we packed up or bikes and headed up to the American River. There are 22 miles of path going from Downtown Sac all the way out to Folsom. No, we didn't ride the whole path.

23 August 2009

Cabin Fever

This weekend we went with some friends up to a house we rented near Lake Tahoe. We were on Serene Lakes in Soda Springs. It was so much less crowded and more quiet than Tahoe, and our house was awesome. We had 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, game room, kayaks and a canoe to use at the lake.

Here's a picture of all of us. We stayed with Kyan & Lisa, and Colleen & Kirk.

At the lake we got to hang out at the beach, kayak, canoe, sunbathe, shade-bathe, and swim. It was so fun to get away from Sacramento for the weekend and smell the fresh mountain air.

14 August 2009

Back to Minnesota

I just booked our flights for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We'll be home Nov 19-27 and Dec 23-Jan 3. Mark your calendars!

10 August 2009

Our Cutest Dog

We just entered Lucy in the cutest dog contest. Please vote for her everyday this week here.

09 August 2009

Meeting Up with Friends

Saturday night Josh and I got to meet up with Victoria & John in San Fran for dinner and drinks. Victoria picked a great place called Slow Club in the Mission for dinner and we all enjoyed what we ordered. Then we headed back over near their hotel for drinks. We had such a great time catching up with them!

02 August 2009

In the Bay Area Again.

Today was flea market day and since we hadn't been there in 2 months, we decided to go. We picked up these 2 prints. The first is a catalog page of hockey skates (future man room material) and the second is a map of Minnesota.

Then we drove into the city. We had seen Dynamo Donuts featured on Food Network, and we have been wanting to try their Apple Maple Bacon Donuts.

They were good.