26 October 2009


Saturday after church and dinner at Thai Basil, we really wanted dessert, so we walked over to Rick's Dessert Diner. They have cakes, cheesecakes, pies, tarts, tortes, cookies and brownies. We had the blueberry cheesecake which was really good, but not quite as good as Muddy Paws. We miss that place!

18 October 2009

Saturday...in the Park

We must be on a hamburger kick lately because here's another one. We went to Burger Joint and it was AWESOME! Burger Joint is a 50s style place but they don't use retro ingredients. The burgers were made of local naturally feed beef without hormones or antibiotics. And the fries were thick-cut and fresh. Yum!

We brought our bikes with so we could take a ride through Golden Gate Park. Golden Gate Park is sort of like Central Park to New York City. There are museums, gardens, sports fields and trails.
We rode all the way downhill to Ocean Beach. By then it was later in the afternoon and the overcast sky was casting a gorgeous light over the beach and all the colors were very soft. Another great day in San Francisco.

13 October 2009

Large Straight

Sometimes I do things that remind me that I'm my father's son. This happens to be a great example...getting excited about hitting a milestone on an odometer. Last night Janelle, Matt and I took a 12 mile joyride to hit our target. We celebrated afterwords by going to Jamba Juice for smoothies.

3rd Time's a Charm

Last week Matt flew into Sacramento for his third visit. We played golf three of the five days he was here. Saturday we drove south of San Francisco to play the Links at Half Moon Bay. The course was amazing, perched on the bluffs overhanging the Pacific.

Above: Matt's tee shot on the 16th hole with the ocean all the way down the left side with the hotel in the background.

Matt and I standing on the 18th tee at Half Moon Bay. This hole was a long par five that wrapped around the bluff and ended in front of the hotel.

Saturday after golf we drove down highway one and stayed overnight at a hotel just outside of Monterey. Sunday we got up and made our way to the Links at Spanish Bay for our second round of the weekend. The scenery and golf course was just as amazing as the day before. After our round we drove the 17 mile drive stopping at Pebble Beach again for one more look before heading back to Sacramento.

Above: My tee shot on the par four 16th hole at Spanish Bay.

Monday I took the day off and we played some more golf at a municipal course in Sacramento.

Scores for the three days of golf where...
Matt (81,86,77)244
Josh (86,86,86)258

We had a great time playing golf and reminiscing about our California golf adventures. In total we played 8 times at 8 different courses.

10 October 2009

Selig Table

I frequent Craigslist regularly, and last night I came upon this gem. A Danish mid-century modern serving table made by Selig. I called this morning about it and picked it up in the afternoon while paying for it with some of my birthday money. The guy I bought it from just refinished it, but in doing so lost the casters that were on the bottom. It looks great next to the sofa which is also a mid-century style. Happy birthday to me.

09 October 2009

Thanks Guy Fieri.

Today Matt and I met Josh in Galt at Squeeze Inn. The restaurant was featured on Diners Drive-ins and Dives on the Food Network and they are known for their Squeeze Burgers. As you can see they have about 5 slices of cheese on the burger melted to make a cheese skirt. I love cheese and I couldn't even eat all of it. While the first 3 bites were awesome, it definitely caught up to us and we all had to wash our faces when we were finished.

08 October 2009

Janelle Tubbs Design

I am so excited about the new look of my website. I've been learning more and more web techniques at work and I was finally able to put my new skills to good use. I don't quite have all the pages finished yet, but I just couldn't wait to share! You can find the link to my website on the right as always. Please check it out and check back soon after I've finished my portfolio page.

05 October 2009

Old Sugar Mill

We didn't have anything planned for this weekend, but we were able to make something out of nothing. Saturday, we drove over to Clarksburg to see the Old Sugar Mill. The building is very old, but they are renovating the inside, providing wine tasting rooms and a wedding reception space. The entire place is gorgeous and I can't wait to go back with some girlfriends to do some wine tasting.