31 March 2009


Friday, Diane let me take the day off of work so we could drive down to Yosemite. It wasn't too far (only about 2 1/2 hours) and the scenery was amazing. All the waterfalls were flowing and since it was Friday, it wasn't too busy.

Then Saturday we went down to San Francisco. First on the agenda was Alcatraz. The island was really pretty, but we didn't get to see all the grounds because the gulls were nesting. The Cell House tour was very interesting and it was great because it was an audio tour so everyone could go at their own pace.

My parents and Logan left Monday morning and are on there way to Oklahoma, and then home. It was good to see them, show them our place and see some sights.

22 March 2009

A Day in Monterey

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to play one of the best public golf courses in the United States, Spyglass Hill, in Monterey California. Spyglass Hills gets it's name from Robert Louis Stevenson's novel, Treasure Island. Each hole is named for a character. Local legend maintains that Stevenson once wandered the Spyglass area gathering ideas for his novels. The first five holes line the ocean and are surrounded by grassy sand dunes. The other 13 are inland carved out of tall cypress trees.

I had a great time! The course was ridiculously hard with beautiful scenery and trouble everywhere you looked. Janelle came along as the photographer for the day. I was paired up with three other guys that where all on vacation. They where all very nice and fun guys to play with. We had a good time working our way through the course and talking golf and hockey. Two of the guys where from Toronto and where avid Leafs fans and the other was a former hockey player from Los Angeles.

I played fairly well, shooting 92. I had a few lose shots that cost me a couple strokes each, but I hit more good shots than bad. The day was capped by two birdies, each in spectacular form. The first, a 60 foot double breaking putt on the par five 11th hole. The second birdie was on the 18th hole. I hit the fairway with my three wood, then missed the green left with a six iron. I then hit one of the best bunker shots of my life! I splashed the ball out of the bunker, and landed it softly. It hit the flagstick and dropped. What a way to finish a memerable day!

Second shot on the par four 17th hole. Shot landed 20 feet away from the pin.

After I finished playing golf, we continued on the 17 Mile Drive around the Monterey Penninsula through the Del Monte Forest. Above is a picture of "the lone cypress" along the way to Pebble Beach Golf Links.

Janelle and I had a great day exploring the Monterey Bay area and playing one of America's most famous golf courses.

Check out the rest of our pictures on Flickr (link under "Additional Links"). There are over 200!

20 March 2009

You may notice...

some changes to the blog now and in the future. At work, I've been working on my web skills, so I will be practicing on the blog, by customizing it. On the left, we've added an RSS Feed link. By subscribing, you can receive email updates whenever there is a new post. Also, I've added a wish list of cool things we find via wists.com. Enjoy!

15 March 2009

Like Kings and the Kings game.

Kyan (Josh's golf buddy from work) got the General Mills tickets for the Kings game last friday night and he and his wife Lisa invited us to go with them. We were super excited because they were playing Cleveland and Lebron James was playing!

We got a special parking spot. The attendant had to move a cone for us to park. Only that Trail Blazer was closer than us to the arena.

Our seats were awesome! They were in row AA (now that's close!) and we only had 2 other rows in front of us (AAA and BBB). We were also in the section that waiters would take your orders so you didn't have to walk ALL THE WAY UP to the concessions. 

And we also were right in front of Lebron James when he did the chalk thing at the beginning of the game, but we didn't get a good picture. We had a lot of other good opportunities though!

11 March 2009

In true Tubbs fashion...

we marked the milestones on our odometers.

9999 on the Jetta...

and 111,111 on the 9-3.

10 March 2009

Well...it's been awhile.

Lately, Josh and I haven't been doing a lot of exploring so we don't have a ton to share. It was raining a lot (which is good because we don't want drought conditions this summer), but it has been pretty clear since last weekend.

Josh got some new clubs and has been breaking them in on the weekends. Here he decided to play with Lucy inside. (That's a mini tennis ball).

I was in Anthropologie  (one of my favs) a couple weekends ago and couldn't resist these super cute measuring spoons. Online, I also ordered these great french canning jars to hold popcorn, rice, orzo, oatmeal etc. We've started shopping more in the bulk section at the grocery store, and these jars are cuter than the plastic bags from the store.

With the daylight savings time change, we have more time to walk with Lucy in the daylight. It's starting to get warmer (60s) and we're enjoying being outside without jackets. Also enjoying the greenness since it will stop raining for the summer soon.

Sorry for the mediocre post. We're getting excited for my parents and Logan to visit, so more exciting things to come soon!