25 January 2009

Sunday Project

While Lucy was getting her haircut today, we strolled through IKEA and found this curtain system. We decided it was perfect for a backdrop behind our sofa. And Lucy wanted to get in the picture and show off her new style.

21 January 2009

Crochet Crazy

So on Friday, I decided to teach myself to crochet. I've always wanted to know how. I went to Michael's, got a Learn to Crochet kit, and watched some YouTube videos and Ta-Dah! I should hopefully have a blanket done just in time for April. To bad I probably won't need it then!

And we haven't posted a picture of our new table. I wasn't in love with our other tables and they were much to bulky for our furniture, so we craigslisted them.

13 January 2009

Google Map

We just posted a new link to the right for our Google Map. It shows where we've been, favorite restaurants, Josh's golf courses and where we work. Hopefully we can figure out how to attach a small picture to each place also. 

11 January 2009

Geary and Fillmore

Saturday, Josh and I went to San Francisco. First, we bummed around the city, went to some favorite shops and ate at Escape From New York. It's pizza and I had a slice of potato and garlic (yum!) and Josh had a slice of pesto and a slice of ultimate veggie (yum too!). Then we headed out to Point Lobos and Sutro Heights Park on the very northwest part of the peninsula. 

This fall during another trip to Frisco, we walked through an art fair and fell in love with some prints made by Hilary Williams. We took one of her cards and vowed to get a print eventually. So after getting some cash for Christmas, we decided a print would be a great gift to ourselves. We chose Creating Sounds of John's Past and Future because of the location near Geary and Fillmore.

We couldn't wait to get it up in the apartment.

08 January 2009

Working 9 to 5

This is the building that I work in. My desk is to the right by the window. The part that Wolfe is in is just under the red awning. Other businesses are in other parts of the building.

Here is my desk. I also work with Robin (art director), who sits next to me, Dave (web), Diane (owner), Adam (intern), Barabara (bookkeeper-here about once a week) and Larry (Diane's husband that comes in almost everyday).

It takes me about 30 minutes to get here in the morning and 40 to get home. I wish we could live closer to the city, but then it would take Josh a very long time to get to work. In Elk Grove. we get to split the difference.

06 January 2009

Welcome home Lucy!

Lucy made it back to California this morning. Wayne and Sue dropped her off at the airport in Minneapolis and four hours later she arived in Sacramento.

05 January 2009

Your so vain you probably think these plates...

I finally got my car registered in CA.  I got vanity plates and I really like them!

04 January 2009

Winter Wonderland

Janelle and I are back in California after our 16 day winter break in Minnesota. Lucy was unable to fly with us this morning due to to cold temperature. No worries though, Wayne and Sue are looking after her and will get her on a plane later this week.

We had a great time visiting with friends and family. Here are some highlights in no particular order.

Lucy and Chloe got to play again after not seeing each other for over six months. They had a great time wrestling and chasing after one another. There is no doubt that they will be best buddies when we move back.

At the Tubbs' family Christmas the Tubbs' men bared stomach and chest for an exciting game of smack. It's a ping-pong game where players try to score three points. The loser must then lift his shirt while the winner hits a ball at his chest. And yes, ping-pong balls leave welts. Just ask Evan! 

It just wouldn't be winter without some outdoor hockey. I only packed five days of clothes so I could fly my hockey equipment back and it was well worth it. I got out twice, once with Logan in Albert Lea and once with Andy, Forsman and Ian in Minneapolis. It was so much fun playing with the guys again. We played for two and a half ours when it was 7 degrees!

While I was playing hockey Janelle met Jaclyn and Leah for lunch and some girl talk. From what I hear they had a good time.

Of course I can't forget what brought us back to MN in the first place....Christmas! We enjoyed many Christmas celebrations with all sides of our family. All involving good food conversation and Christmas cookies! Thank you to all the hosts of our Christmas breakfasts, lunches and dinners!

Thanks again everyone for making our trip home so much fun, Happy New Year!