27 October 2008

The Gallery

I just set up a link to the right for our gallery on Flickr. You can check out our pictures that didn't make the blog and others. I think you can download them also if you feel so inclined.

Lucy, wanna see the ocean?

We can't sit still on the weekends. Yesterday on a whim at 12:30, we decided to go to Bodega Bay (on the coast, west of Santa Rosa/Petaluma). I always ask people that I meet for suggestions on places to check out. This was the suggestion of the sales rep at the VW dealership. She said this is where they filmed the movie The Birds

So we got there and it's a pretty cute little town, not very touristy, with a bunch of little houses, a marina, and little cafes to get seafood practically right off the boat. We were disappointed that we drove all the way over there until we went out to Bodega Head. Here's where the action was...we saw the biggest waves coming in and splashing over the huge rocks. 

Apparently, Bodega Head is one of the best places to watch whales migrate from late November through January (that's what I heard another woman say). I think we might drive over to catch that before Christmas.

18 October 2008

Home Sweet Home

Today I went to drop in hockey in Stockton.  Normally there is a group of guys that show up, but today it was just two of us.  It felt great to put my equipment on and skate.  I plan to play every Saturday from now on...hopefully there will be a better turnout next time. 

12 October 2008

Apple Hill

Saturday Josh and I took a ride into the foothills to get some apples. We stopped at this great orchard, High Hill Ranch, that had tons of produce, cider, pony rides, fudge and a fish pond. There were so many people visiting, they set up parking in the orchard between the trees.

So with our purchase at the farm, I made my first ever pie and Josh made applesauce.

06 October 2008

Art and Rain

Sunday, Josh and I went to the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. I have been wanting to since we got here and on Sunday's they don't charge admission, so it was the perfect time to go. The current exhibition is American Pop Art and they had some Andy Warhol pieces which I was excited to see.

The mansion was beautiful. It was a donation in 1880s along with the collection art to the city of Sacramento.

We also have an update on the weather. We FINALLY got our first rain (since we moved here!) on Friday/Saturday. Not much, but it was kind of refreshing having overcast skies. Other than that big news, it's starting to get really nice. The highs have been between 75-80 and at night it gets really cool and crisp.