02 January 2011

Winter Projects

Since we're on the theme of lists, this is what I'd love to be able to accomplish over the winter. I started this list before Christmas so I've gotten a few things crossed off already. It's quite ambitious, so it may spill into the summer, but here it goes:

Remove paint from lower level woodwork.
Restore lower level woodwork.
Refinish the glass cabinet we got out at the farm.
Finish scanning photos (no way this gets done over the winter).
Create our 2010 photo book. Done!
Strip paper in the office.
Wall paper the office.
Get a library card. Done!
Make grain sack (also from the farm) pillows.
Measure closets for organizers. Done!
Decide on a plan for the closets.
Strip woodwork upstairs.
Paint woodwork upstairs.
Paint walls upstairs. Started.
Strip papers in closets.
Wallpaper downstairs coat closet.
Finish installing the doorbell. Done!
Repair the light in our closet. Done!
Organize all my fonts.
Redo kitchen caulk. Started.
List items on eBay. Done!

Phew! That will keep us pretty busy for awhile. Look forward to some posts as we finish them.

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