17 October 2010


Three weeks ago we hired a mason to repair the brick on the north side of the house. Most of it just needed tuckpointing (when they grind out the old mortar and replace it), but some of the brick were loose, so they relaid those. We were super happy that he had vintage brick that almost completely matches our original, and was willing to custom mix the mortar (pink, maroon, buff, brown combo) to match the existing mortar on the other three sides of the house. We'll eventually have to do the same on the other sides of the house and replace the buttresses on our stoop, but we were glad to get this side done before winter.

 Then last week we hired another mason to completely rebuild our chimney from the roof line up. Our original chimney's bricks were showing their age and it just was best to replace rather than repair.

With the rebuild we got a fancy limestone drip plate, critter covers and brand new brown flashing. This mason was also able to mix up a color similar to the bottom mortar to match. We love the vintage look of the pink mortar. Who ever thought we'd be so excited about our chimney and pink mortar?!

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