27 February 2011

We're Moving!

Not out of our house! This blog is moving over to www.janelletubbs.com/at5053. Make sure to update your bookmarks and come check us out. This will be the last post here on blogspot. Thanks!!!

20 February 2011

Clean Closet.

I've been working in our larger closet this week. On Monday, I patched some of the rough spots on the north and west walls (Why? Because the dressers are really hard to move out of there.). 

Then Tuesday, I started painting by trimming around the woodwork. I had a gallon of gray before the gray (yes, that's a Jersey Shore reference) that I used it in the living room before I repainted it a new better gray that was less blue.

Wednesday, I rolled 2 walls and half the ceiling.

Friday, Josh helped me move the taller dresser out of the room and the larger one over to the side of the room I had already painted.

Yesterday I started patching the south and east walls. This was more intense.

There were some cracks in the plaster, so I cut them wider and filled them back in with drywall spackle. There was also a water damaged spot above the window. Apparently we didn't have flashing around the base of our chimney. We have some now, thanks to the mason that rebuilt our chimney last fall. Saturday night, I applied another coat, so it could dry overnight.

Then, this morning, I was determined to finish this and get our closet back to normal. I sanded the spackle down smooth, washed the walls and painted. Here you can really see the difference. Pretty good for my first time I think!

And the final shot, with everything back in place. I'm glad I was able to use that paint, and now I'm getting closer to checking one more item off the project list.

Getting Caulk-y

Yesterday, Josh spend some quality time in the kitchen working on the caulking. It's part of my Winter Projects List (here), and it's been bothering us for awhile.

We got gray-colored caulk to match the grout from the Tile Shop. It looks grainy, just like the grout and it worked wonderfully in the corners where it was difficult to get the grout in the small gap. We also used it to seal the space between the back splash and the counter-top.

The problem was that the caulk cracked in the space between the back splash and the counter-top. I think it was because the wood pulled to much moisture out of it. We decided to rip out the caulk and find a new solution.

With a caulk removing tool we purchased during our Big Weekend two weeks ago when Menards was closing, Josh ripped out the bulk of the old caulk. Then, I came through with a chisel to remove what was left and Josh sanded the residue away. We're not sure what we'll do to seal it, but at least we have it cleaned up and ready to go!

14 February 2011


Ryan Sledding from jvtubbs on Vimeo.

This was Ryan going down the hill. Only he and Christine were able to make it to the hill with us, but it was a BLAST. Then we warmed up at our house with spicy hot chocolate, while others trickled in.

13 February 2011


Click the picture to see the before.

09 February 2011

London, England

is where we're headed on vacation!

We're so excited to finally plan a big trip! I booked our flight and hotel today for the week before Easter. Since we're novice international explorers, we decided for our first time it would be best if there wasn't a language barrier. We also chose London because there are so many things to keep us busy. The only excursion we'll plan is to Stonehenge, otherwise we'll just get a travel card (good for buses and the tube) and do our own exploring. We don't like being tied down by structured groups, and only seeing the tourist sights. I'm glad we only have to wait 8 weeks!

Let us know if you have any advice in the comments!

Photo from London Met

06 February 2011

Big Weekend

We spent Friday night clearing out Lucy's room (the other bedroom that she stays in during the day) and repairing cracks in there and the bathroom.
Then Saturday we went up to the Golden Valley Menards. Everyday on my way to work their flashing sign has been "Store Closing, Everything __% off". I told Josh about it and we decided to check it out. Saturday was the first day of 40% off everything in the store. Everything was pretty picked over, but we managed to pick up bug repellant, seam roller, wallpaper adhesive activator and knife for wallpapering (when I get around to it in my office), more Restor-a-Finish for the woodwork, and a Handy Paint Pail. 

We also snagged almost all the new gutter supplies that we need at 50% off! It was interesting trying to fit 16' long pieces in our car and driving home. Josh was super excited about these...our gutters have huge rusty hole in them.

That's the Handy Paint Pail. It's pretty handy.

Then Saturday afternoon we painted Lucy's room a light teal color and the bathroom a minty color. Doing pretty good on the list huh?