20 February 2011

Getting Caulk-y

Yesterday, Josh spend some quality time in the kitchen working on the caulking. It's part of my Winter Projects List (here), and it's been bothering us for awhile.

We got gray-colored caulk to match the grout from the Tile Shop. It looks grainy, just like the grout and it worked wonderfully in the corners where it was difficult to get the grout in the small gap. We also used it to seal the space between the back splash and the counter-top.

The problem was that the caulk cracked in the space between the back splash and the counter-top. I think it was because the wood pulled to much moisture out of it. We decided to rip out the caulk and find a new solution.

With a caulk removing tool we purchased during our Big Weekend two weeks ago when Menards was closing, Josh ripped out the bulk of the old caulk. Then, I came through with a chisel to remove what was left and Josh sanded the residue away. We're not sure what we'll do to seal it, but at least we have it cleaned up and ready to go!

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