30 April 2010

Doggie Birthday!

Yesterday was Lucy's 4th Birthday and we celebrated by treating her to a Poodle Puff from Lulu & Luigi and I made her a special dinner of rice, ground beef and shredded carrot. She thoroughly enjoyed both!

21 April 2010

The Waiting Game...Still Waiting

We have good news. Our offer was accepted by the sellers bank!!! That is, on the first lien. There is a second lien of about $10,000, that we are now waiting for. It's being processed now, and Masami (our Realtor) said this one should go much more quickly. After both have been approved, the seller will make the repairs to the peeling paint on the exterior trim. As of right now, we are still on track to close on May 14th or before, but nothing is final yet. So we wait...

11 April 2010

Nelson Lamp

Today, Josh and I went to the Room and Board Outlet even though Brie and I went yesterday, and I'm glad we did. We found this George Nelson lamp for sale $100 off. I must have passed right over it yesterday! We were so excited to find it!

06 April 2010

Easter Games

After missing the Easter celebration last year, we were glad to be back. The weather was fantastic and the boys started off the day deciding they should shoot at pop cans in the woods. Then we ate a lot of really good food.

Instead of the traditional Easter Egg hunt we usually have, Steve and Deb organized games based on the NBC show Minute to Win It. We all had a super fun time playing a total of 16 games like Bucket Head, Separation Anxiety, Penny Hose, and Bobble Head.

01 April 2010

Taking a Break.

Since our Road Trip, Josh and (mostly) I have taken a little break from blogging. Not much to report I guess these days, but we are going to keep the blog going. Eventually, we'll have house related items to post, and we are going to try to keep doing fun adventures and exploring our home state. Stay tuned...