28 February 2010

Then and Now

Corona Heights Playground looking out to Hayes Valley and Pacific Heights.

Corona Heights Playground looking out to Castro and Mission.

From the Presidio looking at the Golden Gate Bridge.

From Ocean Beach looking at Seal Rock and Cliff House.

I have been working on this project of scanning in family photos, so that I can have copies of all of them and so they are all digital. These on the left I found at Grandma Shirley's house. My grandpa's brother Tony spend time in the military in San Francisco in the 1950s before moving there permanently, and these were from him.

They were very familiar. We've spent time at the bridge and seal rock, but the top two images we didn't recognize until this weekend when we went up to Twin Peaks to see one last view of the city. From there we saw another small hill that we thought could be the place of the top two images and sure enough it was! I knew it right away.

After 55 years, some of the buildings haven't changed at all, and it's fun to compare the image to see what's changed in that time too.

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