30 November 2009


Friday Janelle and I returned to California after spending eight days with family and friends in Minnesota. We had a great time eating, talking and eating some more. Janelle even found time to digitally scan nearly 250 Jensen family pictures.

Above: Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge from our seats on a 757

Here are some highlights from our trip...

Thanksgiving dinner: My favorite 10 minutes of the year!

Matt's graduation: Congrats! Even though he didn't take my suggestion for naming his practice (Back in Business), I'm sure he will have much success.

Cards: I won both games of push rummy we played, extending my winning streak to 8 games.

Extreme Croquet: We took advantage of the 50ยบ weather by playing my favorite yard game.

Thanks to everyone who fed, sheltered and engaged us in conversation. See you all in a few weeks for Christmas!

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