18 November 2009

Day 500.

Today is Josh and my 500th day in California. Here's looking back to some other memorable days:

Day 33: Our first visitors Matt & Brie.
Day 67: Steve, Deb and Christine make their way out.
Day 113: We went to Bodega Bay.
Day 123: Our first trip back to the homeland.
Day 166: Back again for Christmas.
Day 183: I finally went back to work at Wolfe.
Day 223: Watched Lance's comeback.
Day 261: Wayne, Sue and Logan roadtrip to see us.
Day 283: Matt and I surprise Josh.
Day 321: Our third trip to Minnesota.
Day 341: We met Christine and company in LA.
Day 365: Our 2nd Anny.
Day 366: 1 year in California.
Day 411: A Soda Springs Weekend.
Day 438: Steve and Deb visit again.
Day 459: Matt arrives for some more golf.

We've spent...
40 days with visitors
37 days in Minnesota
21 days in San Francisco
9 days in Tahoe/Sierra
7 days in Monterey
3 days in LA.

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