26 August 2008

Welcome to California

We welcomed our first guests, Brie and Matt, on the 15th. Saturday we went up to Tahoe and had some lunch. We asked the waiter where some cool places were and he suggested this cove. Zephyr Cove was beautiful. There were tons of people out enjoying the lake and the shoreline had these huge rocks to climb on.

During the week, we took it easy while Josh was at work. We just read, watched TV and went to the pool.

After calling into Friday Night Party we realized we only had one more day, so we went out to Napa Valley to check out the wineries. We just stopped at one, Sterling, near Calistoga. They had a gondola to ride up to the building. Here we were able to sample 5 wines and do our own self-guided tour.

Before heading over to Santa Rosa we had to stop at Tubbs Lane. It was worth the extra five miles to take tons of pictures.

Before dropping Matt and Brie off at the airport, we tried to watch the sunset at the beach, but the fog had rolled in. It was still fun...this beach is on an old military base. It's very secluded because you have to drive through a one-way tunnel to get out there. It was kind of creepy and we felt like we were in a scary movie!

We had a great week and can't wait to host again.

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