03 August 2008

Amazing Alameda

Today we decided to take a little trip to the flea market in Alameda (near Oakland). We hadn't been south of Lodi on the freeway yet, so we took that route. We went south on 5, then west on 205 and 580 to Oakland. While we crossed over the hills, it was amazing to see all the windmills. They were spinning so fast and there were hundreds!

The entire flea market was on a runway. We parked in row Y, like "why" do we have to walk that many rows to the gate. Off in the distance you can see downtown San Fran and the Bay Bridge. It was 60º and a nice change of pace from the 96º that we've been getting used to.

After we paid the $5 each to get in, we made our way down the rows. Each row was labeled with a letter and in each row were 40 vendors. We only made it down to X before we turned back, but there were probably 6 rows that we didn't check out.

We came back with this wood block type. It was set out in trays. The large ones were $2 and small $1.


Gordy and Sarah said...

Josh, Janelle and Lucy

The pictures you are posting are amazing. Looks and sounds like the 3 of you are enjoying your time in California. (And getting a little work in on the side!) Have a great time, enjoy yourselves and keep up the great postings on your blog site. We really enjoy hearing and seeing what the 3 of you have been up to.

Uncle Gordy and Aunt Sarah

Jon said...

Go watch an A's game for me and take pictures!