25 July 2008

Syd Russ

After the addition of some more life (our new orange tree Josh and I collectively named Syd Russ) and a new grill to our patio, we may actually sit and enjoy the beautiful nights here. In the morning, it's pretty chilly (around 55-60º). It heats up very quickly in the afternoon to the high of the day which is normally around 90-95º. Then by 8:30 or so it cools of to around 75º. It's a great time to be out and we like to take walks with Lucy on the path.

In our complex, around the second pool is this fence that encompasses a large area of grass. We started taking Lucy out there to play. (she hasn't spontaneously jumped in the pool yet)


Anonymous said...

Hey Josh & Janelle,
Deck/porch looks pretty comfortable! I would think that the great weather is one of the biggest perks with living in CA. Have you done any site seeing yet? All is well here, spending lots of time exersizing and enjoying the summer days. Take care Love, Molle

grandpa&grandma v said...

Grandpa and I think you have a nice place to live. Lucy looks happy there. good place for her to run and play. We love you