17 July 2008

the digs

I was finally able to take a break and get out to take some pictures. This is the area between our building (on the right) and the building next to us. Our apartment is the first one on the right (behind the stairs). Straight ahead is the gate out to a path that runs between the complex and the"nature reserve area."

Lucy and one of her fav toys "Tire Thing".

I hate this color, but it's everywhere.

This is where everyone gets to sleep when they come to stay!!


Grandma A said...

Hi Josh, Janelle & Lucy. It was great talking to you at the Friday Night Party.

Anonymous said...

Hi Josh and Janelle, Glad you are having fun seeing the sights. Picture looks great. Too bad that the hummingbirds aren't Canada geese. Snowing like crazy with 40+ winds. Aren't you glad you are in sunny Ca. Love, G'pa