21 November 2010

Wish we had ice skates...

for our car. Last night we met Andy and Tine for dinner in St. Paul., and when we left at 10:45 it had already started raining and the roads were slick. We finally made it home by 1am!

Early in the trip we took 94 where we hit top speeds of 10mph before coming up on an accident that stopped us. It was at the top of a crest in the road, and after stopping on the hill, it was nearly impossible to get up it. We idled, with tires spinning, gaining speed and were one of the last cars to make it to the top. We got off the freeway and then navigated home on city streets through St. Paul, taking a bathroom break at Davanni's near St. Thomas.

The roads in Minneapolis were significantly better, so we were able to get up to 15mph. Our last obstacle was a small hill on the newly paved 50th street, a few blocks east of our house, that was closed off. I'm sure others were having the same trouble getting up it, so we jogged over the 49th to get all the way home.

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