07 September 2010

A Long Weekend

This Labor Day weekend was long for us! We got tons done here at the house. First, Josh took his last Friday off for summer hours and we installed the ceiling fan in our room.
It wasn't as easy as just attaching it to the wall. We pulled all the wires out going from the switch to the fan, and replaced them. Then added a new switch that controls the light and motor separately. Then we put up the fan. I'm so glad to have light again in there, and the addition of the fan is great too.

Then, we took it outside. We ripped out all the overgrown plants on the east side of our garage. It feels good to have all that junk out of there and now we'll be ready to plant there in the spring.

And the big finale for the weekend is our backyard.
We trimmed the 2 maples and birch in the yard and our yard looks twice as big. No more ducking under branches while Josh is mowing or playing with the dog. And...now we have some sun also. Hopefully the grass can grow a little thicker now.

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