06 June 2010

Au Gratin Open

Yesterday was the first annual Au Gratin Open at Wedgewood Cove Golf Course in Albert Lea. The course has a special deal where you can play as many holes as you want for $75, so I decided it would be fun to get a bunch of guys together and play 54 holes in one day, the winner receiving a case of Betty Crocker Au Gratin potatoes that I got from work. The tournament format was "best ball" with yourself (after playing all 18 holes 3 times you take your best score on each hole to come up with a "best ball" 18 hole score). We had a great time playing golf all day and the scores where pretty close between us except for one player who ran away from the pack and brought home the case of boxed potatoes.

Matt Forsman -6
Josh Jones -1
Matt Tubbs -1
Drew Anderson -1
Josh Tubbs +1
Geoff Anda +4

I can't wait to for next year's Au Gratin Open!

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