05 July 2009

Independence Day Weekend

Friday Night, Laura asked us to go to the Sacramento Capitals match in Roseville. They are a professional tennis team, and that day the captain called Laura and asked her to be an alternate, so she sat courtside with the team. They play 5 sets, men and women's singles, men's and women's doubles, and mixed doubles. The Capitals beat Washington 2o games to 18.

Yesterday we headed down to San Francisco to watch fireworks. My good friend Leah was also visiting SF with her husband, so we met up with them for a couple hours. It was so good to see Leah and finally meet her husband Brandon.

We got to Berkeley Marina just in time to see sunset. We got a really great secluded spot next to the water. From our location we could see multiple cites' displays.

First, San Francisco's started going off at 9:30. They hadsome crazy shapes; we saw jellyfish, smily faces, green cubes and red hearts. We could also see some of Sausalito's over Angel Island, and some of Oakland's over the restaurant in the marina.

Berkeley's show started at 9:35. They shot them off at the end of the pier so they were pretty close. We've always been in AL for the 4th, so it was fun to see fireworks in a different city.

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