31 May 2009

Back Home

Nothing says summer better than some Extreme Croquet. It's one of our favorite outdoor games and we can resist setting up courses at both my parent's house and at Steve and Deb's. Sometimes the course gets pretty crazy.

During the week we were busy seeing as many people as we could, and for Josh, playing as much golf as he could.

We drove past the new Twins stadium which was beautiful and we can't wait to see an outdoor game there next year!

Then we took a spin over the the new football stadium on campus. It is so HUGE in dwarfs everything around it. It's really amazing to see all the changes in town and new areas being revitalized.

And we couldn't miss Steve's pottery show at the AL Art Center. We went with my parents on Friday and all the pieces looked really great.

Thanks to everyone who made our trip so fun and we can't wait to see everyone soon!

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