19 April 2009


Wednesday afternoon I went to work and came home as normal...so I thought. After opening the door I got quite a surprise. Matt was sitting on my couch! He just said, "Hi Josh." I was blown away, it was so strange. For a second I forgot where I was, it felt like I was in Minnesota again! Turns out, many people colaberated to make this surprise happen. For that, Thank you!

Matt and I had a great time playing golf and watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs. We played golf three of the four and a half days he was here. Thursday, we played at Whitney Oaks in Rocklin. Friday, we played at Lockeford Springs in Lodi. Saturday was the big finale, we drove down to Pebble Beach to play Poppy Hills. It was a golfers dream come true. The course was amazing! We had to keep reminding ourselves that this was actually happening. We both played fairly well. Matt shot 81 and I had an 85.

Picture above: Matt's third shot into the par 5 10th hole. He hit a nine iron to 10ft and made the birdie putt.

My tee shot at the par 4 16th. I hit three wood and found the fairway.

After our great day at Poppy Hills, we drove down to Pebble Beach Golf Links to walk around. We parked and were able to walk all the way down next to the 18th green. It was surreal! We stood there for a few minutes just soaking up the view.

Check out our photo gallery for more pictures.

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