15 March 2009

Like Kings and the Kings game.

Kyan (Josh's golf buddy from work) got the General Mills tickets for the Kings game last friday night and he and his wife Lisa invited us to go with them. We were super excited because they were playing Cleveland and Lebron James was playing!

We got a special parking spot. The attendant had to move a cone for us to park. Only that Trail Blazer was closer than us to the arena.

Our seats were awesome! They were in row AA (now that's close!) and we only had 2 other rows in front of us (AAA and BBB). We were also in the section that waiters would take your orders so you didn't have to walk ALL THE WAY UP to the concessions. 

And we also were right in front of Lebron James when he did the chalk thing at the beginning of the game, but we didn't get a good picture. We had a lot of other good opportunities though!

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