11 January 2009

Geary and Fillmore

Saturday, Josh and I went to San Francisco. First, we bummed around the city, went to some favorite shops and ate at Escape From New York. It's pizza and I had a slice of potato and garlic (yum!) and Josh had a slice of pesto and a slice of ultimate veggie (yum too!). Then we headed out to Point Lobos and Sutro Heights Park on the very northwest part of the peninsula. 

This fall during another trip to Frisco, we walked through an art fair and fell in love with some prints made by Hilary Williams. We took one of her cards and vowed to get a print eventually. So after getting some cash for Christmas, we decided a print would be a great gift to ourselves. We chose Creating Sounds of John's Past and Future because of the location near Geary and Fillmore.

We couldn't wait to get it up in the apartment.

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