24 November 2008

A la cima del Diablo!

After hearing about Mount Diablo, we decided that we should check it out last Saturday. Mt Diablo is east of the bay and we can see it from our apartment in Elk Grove. Apparently, on clear days, you can see the most surface area of the earth second to Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.

This is from the top looking west to Downtown San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.

A view of Carquinez Straight and Suisun Bay to the north. They must be mining something here also. I wish we could have seen Sacramento, but it was foggy in the morning, and it hadn't fully cleared.

Here were two climbers on a rock east of us. On this side, we could see the snow caps in Yosemite that are about 130 miles away.

We also saw a hang glider. Mount Diablo is a great place for them to take off.

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