27 October 2008

Lucy, wanna see the ocean?

We can't sit still on the weekends. Yesterday on a whim at 12:30, we decided to go to Bodega Bay (on the coast, west of Santa Rosa/Petaluma). I always ask people that I meet for suggestions on places to check out. This was the suggestion of the sales rep at the VW dealership. She said this is where they filmed the movie The Birds

So we got there and it's a pretty cute little town, not very touristy, with a bunch of little houses, a marina, and little cafes to get seafood practically right off the boat. We were disappointed that we drove all the way over there until we went out to Bodega Head. Here's where the action was...we saw the biggest waves coming in and splashing over the huge rocks. 

Apparently, Bodega Head is one of the best places to watch whales migrate from late November through January (that's what I heard another woman say). I think we might drive over to catch that before Christmas.

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