18 September 2008

Visitors Round Two

On Thursday, Josh and I welcomed our second set of guests. Steve, Deb and Christine flew into SFO on the evening flight and we picked them up. We got some pizza in town and headed out toward the bridge. On our way there was one of the best moments of the trip. We took Divisadero Street down towards 101 and when we got to the top of the hill, we saw a car go down the other side and it looked like in dropped off the side of the earth (because it was so steep). As we drove over the crest, Christine was screaming in the back seat.

Friday, we went to the Lodi Grape Festival. It was pretty much just like a county fair, but in one of the buildings they had pictures made out of different colored grapes. The theme was movies and different groups submitted their image for judging.

Saturday, we made the drive over to Muir Woods. We took a long hike and then took a break on this large tree.

After Muir Woods, we went up to Stinson Beach. The water was freezing, but we had to get in. As the waves crashed against our legs, the force of the water would wash out the sand around our feet. The waves were getting bigger as the tide was starting to come in. We also saw a bunch of dead jellyfish washed up on the beach.

Sunday we made the shorter drive to Napa to try and find a place to stomp grapes. We started here at St. Supery. We walked down some of the rows to sample the grapes.

Tuesday we stopped at the Jelly Belly factory (I know you're probably pretty jealous Evan!) and took a tour. Then we headed towards San Fran for the rest of the day.

We got tickets for the public transportation system which includes the trollies, so we hopped on the first one we could and rode up to Lombard Street and over to Chinatown where we got off and walked through to Union Square. The trollies are so old and beautiful and the drivers are so friendly. We took the trolly back to the station where we started at and drove up to Alamo Square to visit the Ladies. Christine and I tried the run up the hill like on the Full House intro (above), but I don't think that's what they looked like on TV.

We dropped them off at the airport--after stopping to eat at our new favorite airport waiting place BJ's--just in time to get home and get ready for bed.

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